Lean Mary A.Fitzgerald & Marc Reilly at the LAB Foley Street, Dublin

Fitzgerald & Reilly     CUBE space at THE LAB

A drawing using volume, structure and shadow.

LEAN has been created specifically for the Cube space at the LAB. The scale and content of this work has been dictated by the double height of the CUBE space, which is viewable from outside and in and also from above, three distinct viewpoints. The combination of structure, ambient light and sound, with projected film and fragmented recorded sound allows the opportunity for a narrative to be imagined.

A drawing will be constructed within the space. The materials for this project have been gathered and altered over the past number of months. The Hazel from woods in Wicklow, the sound recordings from various locations in Dublin, and the footage, a selection of studies of light, shadow and movement, recorded in the autumn, as chance permitted.

The work emerges as a series of decisions in response to materials and the space, between the artists, as they gather, manipulate and install. The CUBE is a unique venue for the meeting of these disparate fragments.

This is the third in a series of drawing based collaborations between Mary A. Fitzgerald and Marc Reilly. The first piece Here and There was shown as part of Culture Night, at Independent Studio Artists in 2009, followed by INVISIBLE a group exhibition curated by Margaret O’Brien, John Graham and Oliver Dowling at The Back Loft and eleven venues across Dublin in 2010.